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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What types of woods do you use?
A: Walnut, bass, cherry, black willow, birch, maple, butternut are the most common woods we use.

Q: Do you make kids paddles?
A: Yes I do.

Q: What is the cost of shipping a paddle?
A: Shipping is $35 to the US and Canada. The buyer is responsible for any duty that may be charged by customs.

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes, please email for a quote on shipping costs? As above, any duty charged by customs will be the buyer's responsiblilty.

Q: Are all the paddles you show in the gallery available for sale?
A: I always try to maintain a selection of paddles ready for sale. However, if sales are brisk, the paddle you are looking for may not be immediately available. Antoher just like it can always be made just for you!

Q: How long does it take to make a paddle?
A: Making a new paddle takes approximately 10-14 days. About 1 week to make the paddle, a few days for the artwork, and finally, 3-4 days for the finish.. Depending on how intricate the artwork design is or if I need to create artwork from your pictures, it may take a bit longer than this.

Q: How much do the paddles weigh?
A: Between 22-28 ozs depending on the types of woods used.

Q: Do you do the pyrography artwork on other things besides paddles?
A: Yes. Please email me to discuss what you have in mind.

Q: Do you send a proof of what my artwork will look like so I can approve it for use?
A: Yes. You can also suggest as many changes as required so it is just the way you want it.


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